Astronomy Part-1


Space is an airless empty area, whose boundaries extend to infinite in all directions. Solar system, numerous stars, stellar dust and galaxies are all the components of space. There is no air in it, nor is the cloud. Day or night, the space is always black. There is no creature in space. There can not be any living creature due to vacuum.

There is no information of the fact where the space begins. Space is surrounded by us. To explain, we can only say that space starts from where the atmosphere of the Earth ends.

Today’s human radio station is equipped with powerful radio telescopes, rockets, satellites, space planets and probes to get information about space objects. New discoveries related to space in new inventions have come to our attention.

The universe

Under the Universe, all those celestial bodies and meteors and all the families, including Sun, Moon Earth etc. are studied.
Regular study of the Universe began with Claudius Talleme (140 AD).
According to Talimi, the earth is in the center of the universe and the Sun and other houses revolve around it.
In 1573 AD, Copernicus accepted the Sun in the center instead of the Earth.
The space between the earth and the moon is called the Sisselloner.
Scientific concepts of the origin of the universe

Big Bang Scientist – George Lamenter
Principle of Constant Genesis – Thamas Gold and Hamain Bondi
Theory of Contradiction Releasing – Dr. Allen Sandies
The most modern source of the information of the universe is Prof. By Jyokary Burabij, who speculated that every galaxy heat emits a large amount of honey as a result of nuclear reactation.
The light year is the distance, in light zero 29,7925 km From copy Or approximately 186282 miles per second Determines speed
Universe is the mean distance between Sun and Earth which is 149597870 km. (About 149600,000 km.) Or 15 km. is.
The Sun and its neighboring stars normally have a spherical orbit of 150 km. Per se At orbit around the center of the moonlight orbiting around At this speed the sun is about 25 crores for completing one revolution around the center; It takes years. This period is called the universe year.

As soon as the evening, darkness starts to thicken and slowly stars appear on the sky. The stars look like bright points, because it is very far away. The sun is also a star but it does not look like the other stars because it is very close to us than the other stars. If we get closer to the stars, then they will also look like the sun. The stars have huge bodies of flashing gas. Some of them are very big and bright from the sun, and others are small and blurred. The diameter of the Regal, blue white demon, diameter of the blue white demon is 80 times more than the Sun, its brightness is 60,000 times higher than the Sun.

The stars are formed by the clouds of the galaxy in the galaxy. Wind emits continuous energy.
98 percent of the Galaxy is made of wires. These are gelatinous substances containing ultraviolet and radiant bodies in radiant universes.
The sun is also the star which is the closest to the Earth.
Cyrus is the brightest star to be seen from Earth.
Vaman star are stars, whose Jyotas are less than the sun.
Jyotsna of giant stars is greater than the sun like-Betelgeej, Sirius, Antaris.
Nova is the star whose glow increases with gases from 10 to 20.
The supernova star has more than 20 brightening stars. The brightest star to be seen from Earth is Cres Dang Tara.
The reason for the formation of a black hole is – the energy of the stars is over. Each star continuously emits large amounts of energy and is constantly dried, which leads to increased gravity. Due to this energy emission, the end comes at a time when energy is exhausted and the burning of the stars stops.
The speed of the stars or the galaxy shows changes in its light. If the star is on the observer’s side then its light will move towards the blue edge of the spectrum. But if the star is moving away from the observer, then its light will be moved to the hair edges of the spectrum. This is called Dappler effect.
If the weight of the star is almost equal to the sun then it gradually cools down to the first of the shells, and then cooled and finally converted into a white small body. goes. After some time this small body absorbs the light falling on itself. Then it turns into a black hole not seen with eyes.

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