Today Google Doodle & Supermoon

If you have seen today’s Google Doodle, then it will look like a game. Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to completing 50 years of children’s programming. When the coding language logo for the first children came in the 1960s, people used to think it impossible and without meaning.

What is the children’s programming language
The experience of running the computer before 1995 was not as it is today. Dos Base had to give a command for everything in the computer. There was no facility to click with mouse like today. The command had to be typed for things like moving the cursor to the next line, changing paragraphs. Then it was not possible to design a tablet in the computer.

At that time, small children were taught in the language, basic, Pascal and other such programming languages ​​to increase the interest of children in computer. These games were small task which resolved the basic understanding of programming in solving. Today, Python is considered as Biggers Language. But Python is far ahead of Kids Language. The large part of a website like Google is based on Python coding.
Today’s Google doodle is the name of nostalgia before Windows. This Google Doodle can also refer to the first kids coding Google doodle. Coding languages ​​such as Alice, Scratch, and Game Maker, which still help children to teach coding. However today most of the generation of computer running in India has rarely found that time. But today’s Google doodle lets you take a look at a round of computer.

Those who work in Hindi language have been given a new gift from Google. Google has now provided more than 40 fonts from Unicode. Google is making these fonts absolutely free. These fonts can be easily used. This will also save time.
Previously, bloggers, teachers or publishers who used non-Unicode had to face a lot of difficulty. After typing in fonts such as Kritidev, there was a lot of difficulty in converting. It also took a lot of time.
For many fonts, money had to be paid too. In this situation, these free Unicode fonts of Google are particularly well-suited to writers and journalists with a lot of problems. You can use the link below to download these fonts.

Supermoon Sunday was on December 3. When a full moon was near the Earth, it is very light on its surface. This is called supermon only.
Due to supermon, the moon looks 14 percent larger than usual and 30 percent more luminous. There were three consecutive supermons this time. This is the first of these. The remaining two Superman will be seen on January 1 and January 31, 2018. Today, this view of Supermon will be seen at 9:16 pm.

How did the word of Supermoon come?
The word ‘supermon’ was used by Richard Knoll in 1979. Usually when the center of the moon is 360,000 kilometers away from the center of the Earth, it is called Supermon. Supermo was previously seen on November 14. This is the closest superman of the Earth. It was the most special because this superman will now be seen in 2034.

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